Will Netbooks Kill Laptops?

by Jay Bika on November 20, 2008 · 2 comments

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The best way to answer whether netbooks (What Are Netbooks?) will kill laptops is to ask questions that pertain to other related or unrelated industries.

Did the cheap Korean automobiles kill normally priced Japanese automobiles (but we know what Japanese cars are doing to American’s!).

Are cheap Chinese made clothes killing the expensive designer clothes made in Europe or North America. American Apparel to think of a clothing company is making a killing selling clothes that you can find for much cheaper at Walmart.

Speaking of Walmart, did it kill Target?

The answers to all three questions is: NO.

Japanese autos are faring well with cheaper Korean autos. American Apparel type of clothing companies are bring in millions and Target is rocking.

Netbooks will sure take away a lot of business from laptops. If you really think about it, the average user browse the net, checks emails, watches movies, listens to music and writes the odd Word document. She or he will be fine with the netbook and although it’s not a powerful machine it’s convenient.

Laptops are not going anywhere too. They will still be around, get faster and more expensive as better graphics are included, bigger storage drives added and faster processor launched.

The question is to wonder what will sell more: netbooks or laptops?

If I had to bet money on it, I would say netbooks. But at the rate this industry is going, prices are going up as the manufacturers add more specs that are expensive and laptop makers are creating cheaper machines.

One day, the lines may be blurred and the really cheap netbooks and the really expensive notebooks are the ones that will survive. The ones stuck in the middle will kill each other.

Ultimately, the consumer will benefit the most from this so we have nothing to complain about. If you own stock in a computer company, you better start voicing your concern now!

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