What Do the Asus S121 Netbook and the New Coke Have in Common?

by Jay Bika on December 29, 2008 · 0 comments

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I am no expert but even I can spot a marketing disaster when I see one. The Asus S121 netbook is such a blunder. It’s a netbook with laptop features: size and costs. It has a 12’1 inch display (hence the name I guess) and is priced at around $800. Asus calls the S121 netbook, a luxury netbook but I am betting that the market will call it an overpriced and oversized laptop. Besides, when thinking luxury, computer shoppers don’t even think about Asus but are more likely to think Apple, Sony and even Dell.

Netbooks are supposed to small and cheap. A big and expensive netbook is called a laptop. And nowadays, laptops are even priced lower than $800. Good luck with the S121 netbook Asus!

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