Toshiba NB200 vs Toshiba NB100 Netbooks: What Exactly Sets Them Apart?

by Jay Bika on April 23, 2009 · 0 comments

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You’ve probably read all over the tech news blogs that the Toshiba NB200 netbook is out. It’s the second mini-notebook from the  Japanese electronics giant (the first was the Toshiba NB100 netbook). The first netbook was released in September of last year. So, what makes the NB200 different?

For starters, it will be available in more than one colour. The Toshiba NB200 will be available in black, brown, pink and white. Secondly, the Toshiba NB200′s screen is bigger than the Toshiba NB100 netbook’s at 10″ versus 8″.  The NB200 mini-laptop is available with either the 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, or the newer 1.66GHz Atom N280 while the Toshiba NB100 is available with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor. Hard drive space on the NB200 mini laptop is 160GB while on the NB100 it’s 80GB.

That’s just for starters of course (battery life is another big difference at 9 hours for the new netbook in the fam), there will be a difference in pricing too with the Toshiba NB200 netbook obviously being the most expensive option given the nature of its features.

You can read about the launch of the Toshiba NB200 netbook.

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