Top 10 Places to Find Killer Deals on Refurbished Netbooks

by Jay Bika on December 3, 2008 · 11 comments

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You’ve read all about refurbished netbooks (See: Why Refurbished Netbooks Are the Best Cheapest Deals Ever) and why they’re the best cheapest deals ever and now your hunt for your mini-laptop begins. Where to shop? Who is reliable? Am I really getting the best deals on the refurbished netbook?

Netbook Era has all the answers to your refurbished netbook shopping related questions in this simple guide to the Top 10 places to snatch up the best deal possible.

I am first going to assume that you are in the USA. I am then going to assume that you know which netbook model you wish to buy or that you know what specs you wish for or better yet, that you have a budget figured out. You will come across quite a few deals on refurbished netbooks and the last thing you want to happen is be paralyzed by the many options that you miss out on the deal because some faster shopper snapped it away from you!


Head over to if you’re after refurbished Dell netbooks obviously. Tracking down the refurbs at can be tricky because they obviously want you to buy the new, more expensive Inspiron Mini 9 first before selling you the cheaper deal. Just head over to the outlet section and if you don’t find anything, do a search just to make sure that you did not miss any deal.

By the way, you way want to do the same at HP, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba and so forth if you’re after a certain brand of refurbished mini-laptop.

2) Amazon

Personally, I start all my shopping at Not only do I trust this retailer with all my credit cards, a safe shipment, good aka cheap prices, fast delivery and a reputable name but I also trust that if there’s a place to spot a refurbished netbook, it will be at Amazon because they really have quite a selection of everything.

On Amazon, I never bother shopping following categories. I just use their fantastic search tool and the site will usually make suggestions and reveal stuff that I would have not even found on my own.

3) eBay 

If you really, really, really are looking for the best steals ever on refurbished netbooks (as if the refurb was not a steal by itself!), don’t just sit there reading this article but click yourself to eBay and start browsing the categories or using the search tool (if you’re lazy like me). You will find all sorts of deals on netbook refurbs. Some will downright look to good to be legit and I recommend that you treat them as such.

There are millions of people selling their wares on eBay. There are thousands of independent retailers who use eBay as store front for their super cheap refurbished netbooks. But again, you have to be very comfortable with eBay shopping as it’s a kind of wild west there! Personally, I never bid. I just find deals that allow me to pay right away and I am good to go. Yes, I do miss out by not participating in auctions but like I said, I am the lazy type

4) Newegg

I remember when Newegg was the online retailer for geeks and anyone who built their own computer and took pleasure in that. No more… Newegg has become a place for everyone including hunters of refurbished netbooks.

Millions of Internet shoppers like the no nonsense approach of You buy your stuff, pay for it and it’s delivered. No sketchy upsells and if they do not have it, they will tell you right away. No wonder they are becoming the first name in computer retailing.

5) Tiger Direct

Before Newegg went mainstream and hence made more sense to me, Tiger Direct was my number one stop for all my tech needs (desires to be correct). They have good prices and above all, I like their large selection of refurbished electronics.

You owe it to yourself to pay them a visit, see what refurbished netbook they’re offering and I am sure that you will spot something that you will want to have delivered to your house.

6) CDW

I am going to admit never having bought anything from CDW but I know of them and I heard good things that I can safely recommend them as a good source for refurbished netbooks.

CDW is one of the leading computer retailer on the Internet and I am sure that if millions find what they are looking at that site, you will too. Include CDW in your refurb netbook deal hunt.

7) Staples

You know of Staples because you’ve to their stores. But one thing you learn very quickly is that just because they have a certain item in the store does not mean that they have it online or that they sell if for the same price and vice versa.

So, one could say that and the Staples retail stores are different entities with the same brand name. You won’t find many refurbished netbook deals at Staples but you have to pay them a visit because it can be your lucky day. My online shopping motto is: “If I do not check on it, I def won’t get a deal on it”.

8 ) Office Depot

Here’s a small confession: I always used to think that Staples and Office Depot were the same retailers but operating under different names. It turns out that many years ago, they almost joined forces so that’s maybe why I got confused in the first place. 

Honestly, Office Depot’s online selection is the same as Staples’. If it’s your lucky day, you will be lucky and score a wonderful deal on netbook refurbs. It does not hurt to see what they have on offer.

9) Overstock

I really like the Overstock concept. They took something that works in the fashion industry and adapted it to everyday items. They explain what they’re all about better: “ has established partnerships with many leading brand-name companies. Due to these relationships, we are able to buy products at significant discounts, which then allows us to pass these incredible savings on to you.”

That’s why I recommend that you check out what deals they may have because you can find yourself with a dope refurbished netbook.

10) eCost 

eCost is the self-proclaimed super online discounter. That’s kind amusing because Internet retailing is a price game and no one can really claim to have the lowest prices because in a matter of seconds another retailer will drop his’ or her’s.

But do check out eCost for netbook deals on refurbs. Just make sure that you do not get distracted (like me) and find yourself filling up your shopping car with everything but the refurbished netbook that you intended to purchase when you paid them a visit!

11) Google

My top 10 choices on places to find the best refurbished netbooks is not obviously the best. I just shared my personal opinion and experience with refurb netbook shopping. Never, ever forget to do a Google search on your netbook refurb of choice. There are hundreds of thousands of retailers offering different deals everyday so make sure that you use Google Product Search (called Froogle back in the days) as well as the “normal” Google search. You will find stuff that even I will not come across.

To quote the famous president’s quote: “Now, Go out there and shop!”.

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1 Cool Blue December 21, 2008 at 9:02 pm

Staples bought out a company called “Business Depot” a few years ago. That might be why you thought they were a part of “Office Depot”.

2 Jay Bika December 21, 2008 at 9:04 pm

That’s what it is! Thanks for the clarification Cool Blue.

3 Gerry - Refurbished Netbooks August 28, 2009 at 10:56 am

Great article and right on the mark. Refurbished laptops and recently refurbished netbooks are a great value. You covered all of the primary sources and buyers can’t go wrong in buying from any reputable source.

4 M.S. Smith October 7, 2009 at 12:47 am

Refurbished netbooks are great deals. They’re meant to do a limited number of tasks anyway. So it isn’t as if you have to worry your netbook won’t run the programs you want in a year or two.

5 Netbook Reviews October 11, 2009 at 1:54 pm

This is really what i am looking for. Thanks for the post.

6 Alex November 9, 2009 at 9:51 pm

GREAT article man. I’m a deal freak and I’m always looking for the best prices for the best features, and this article hit all my big sites I search plus a few new ones! Thanks!

7 Links London March 12, 2010 at 4:24 am

it is beautiful

8 Justin August 31, 2010 at 9:37 pm

I like Netbooks for different applications. Mostly I use them to set up as mini ftp servers and print servers for multiple usb printers. It’s a simple, fast and cheap solution. A pc in a small form, and if it dies in a year or two, you buy a new one with these great prices.

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