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The Storm is a Netbook, says RIM’s founder. Not a good comparison, says Netbook Era

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XDA Flint is an intelligently flexible tool. Either use the powerful Xda Flint like a normal touchscreen phone, or like a ‘miniature laptop’ by attaching the QWERTY keyboard. Yeah right! So it a phone or a netbook?


Is it a netbook? Nope. Is it a smartphone killer à la Nokia N97? Nope. It’s a cool supa expensive smartphone.


Forbes article by Brian Caulfield entitled “Why Nokia Could Kill The Netbook” explains how the new Nokia N97 smartphone is going to stop the low cost laptop craze. Netbook Era disagrees a 100%


How long will it be before Google’s own Linux-based Android environment appears on these highly mobile, low cost laptops?

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Everyone can’t help but wonder what role netbooks will play

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