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MacBook Mini

If you’re new here, you may first want to read Hello, the introductory page that contains details on what Netbook Era is all about or you may want to check out the netbook buying guide right away or you may simply want to subscribe to the RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Last week, the much talked [...]


No Apple netbooks were announced at WWDC 2009 to the chagrin of some and to the “Aha, I told you that they would not release a netbook!” of others. While the price on MacBook Air notebooks has dropped, they’re still aren’t classified as netbooks. However! It’s interesting to note that all aluminum Apple laptops are [...]

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The title says it all.


Large Form iPod Touch To Launch in Fall ‘09. Is This the much-rumored Apple netbook?

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Highlights of the 14th-21st December 2008 week


The MacBook Mini that will be announced in January will not save Apple in the short-term except for the stock price. In the long-term however, it will the tool that will convert Windows users to Mac en masse. Read more about this not so bold prediction