Sony Staying Put on the Netbook Craze

by Jay Bika on November 28, 2008 · 1 comment

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““The NetPC market is still at an early stage,” Nicolas Barendson, head of the VAIO Business Unit at Sony UK, told PC Retail. “Even if significant quantities are currently sold, many people are still confused about the real added value of such products, since a netbook isn’t really a PC, and does a lot of things a phone can do. We are careful looking at this market, but at this stage we have nothing to announce.” “Sony claims growing netbook market is ‘confusing

Sony is making a mistake not to jump into the netbook market. It can either chose to join in and offer products to consumers because although the market is uncertain, we’ll never know what will happen in the future. If it blows up, Sony will be a Johnny-Came-So-Late that it will be a laggard.

On the other hand, Sony could just chose not to get into that market and focus on more powerful laptops because that market is not going anywhere.

Standing still and watching what happens is pretty dangerous in my opinion. It’s like making a decision to cross a busy street. If you decide not to cross, stand clear off the road. If you decide to cross, make your sprint. Whatever you do, don’t stand in the middle of the street undecided!

Update: It now seems that Sony may have changed its mind (A Sony Netbook After All?)

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A Sony Netbook After All?
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