Quote of the Day: “The Web Browser is the New Laptop”

by Jay Bika on December 3, 2008 · 0 comments

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“After spending some time with a netbook, I realized that calling them “small laptops” is a mistake. Netbooks are an entirely different breed of animal. They are cheap, portable web browsers.” - Jeff Atwood in The Web Browser is the New Laptop

All the tech bloggers and journalists can spend all of their days praising netbooks or proclaiming their uselessness as much as they want but the final rests with people who actually shelled out their hard earned money and are actively using their netbooks. That’s where the buck should stop and all the experts should just hush and lend a listening ear. 

Jeff Atwood is a software developer who decided to purchase a (pink) Acer Aspire One netbook for his wife. He played around with it and wrote about his experience hence the quote above. 

He is pretty impressed with the netbook and is hopeful about their future as they get more powerful and yet become cheaper.

Are any of the pundits, manufacturers or other industry experts paying attention to users who publicly declare their love for netbooks? Jeff Atwood has a large following. At this time of writing, there are hundreds of comments to the post.

When manufacturers released netbooks they had one thing in mind. But it turned out that the marketplace adopted them for different reasons.

I actually see a day when all web designers may be forced to create versions of their sites that are netbook friendly because these babies are selling like crazy!

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