Prediction: Google Netbooks in 2009

by Jay Bika on November 27, 2008 · 1 comment

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Over at Google, the emerging netbook category is an obvious driver of the company’s web services and internet advertising, but in its bid to define the mobile internet, the search giant is likely to want more control than just running its apps on top of Windows or the main Linux system for netbooks, Ubuntu. How long will it be before its own Linux-based Android environment appears on these highly mobile, low cost laptops, which are increasingly being sold via the same carriers that will adopt Android phones, with similar data plans?” - Microsoft smartphone and Google netbook for 2009?

I personally think that Google would have been better off getting into the laptop and netbook markets instead of the smartphone one. But I don’t blame them. Before less than a year ago, no one ever thought that the netbook era would arrive in full force. So everyone is trying to figure out how the netbook will play out and is jumping into the boat because it’s better to do so now even if it’s an unknown territory than to jump in later when everyone has a market strong hold.

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