Netbooks: Facts & Stats on these Mini Laptops

by Jay Bika on November 19, 2008 · 3 comments

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On this page, some facts and stats on netbooks will be thrown around just for the information of anyone interested. If you have a tantalizing piece of stat by all means please do email to me at [email protected] and I will add it here and credit you of course. Thanks and enjoy!

- (December 2008) Brokerage UBS estimates netbooks will account for 8% of the worldwide PC market next year, while research firm iSupply sees the little computers grabbing 12% by 2012. - Amid Cannibalization Woes, Netbooks Eat Into Microsoft Sales

- (November 2008) Worldwide notebook PC shipment volume in 2009 is forecasted to reach 138 million units, growing about 11.3% compared to the expected shipment volume of 124 million units in 2008. Worldwide netbook PC shipment volume in 2009 is forecasted to reach 22.64 million units, growing 102% compared to the expected volume of 11.21 million units in 2008. - MIC: Worldwide Netbook PC Shipment Volume to Reach 22.64 Million in 2009

- (November 2008) ”Netbooks will almost certainly become the most popular PCs. And PC gaming is already far bigger than all console gaming put together. So netbooks are headed towards being one of the most important gaming machines on earth. And this has a significant impact on the future of gaming.” - Netbook boom to drive casual gaming

- (November 2008) MIC reckons that worldwide shipment of the small units will reach 22.64 million units in 2009, 102% up over 2008. - Notebooks turn into commodity items

- (November 2008) The shipment volume in the full-year 2008 is expected to amount to approximately 11 million units. - Worldwide Netbook PC Market Development, 3Q 2008 and Beyond 

- (November 2008) Users are expected to purchase 11 million netbooks this year, from 182,000 in 2007, according to market researcher IDC.

- (September 2008) “Netbooks” Move Up In Notebook Rankings: For the first time, a list of popular notebook reviews shows three ‘netbooks’ in the top 10 . 

- (August 2008) Netbook sales to top 50 million by 2012: According to Gartner netbooks will hit sales of about 5.2 million globally this year, rising to eight million in 2009. Gartner claims around 50 million of the smaller form devices could be shipped in 2012.

- (October 2008) “We sell about 150,000 to 250,000 MSI Winds a month“: MSI’s Director of U.S. Sales Andy Tung

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