Netbook Era’s Weekly Digest: 14th-21st December 2008

by Jay Bika on December 22, 2008 · 0 comments

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Without a doubt, the biggest netbook related news was Sony’s forthcoming mini laptop. Just like Apple, Sony had snubbed the netbook era saying that they would not sell junk but I guess that Sony realized that the customer is king even if she or he wants “junk”!

Rumours of the Apple netbook just got crazier to the extent where everyone is expecting a MacBook Mini netbook in January at MacWorld but wondering why Steve Jobs will not be attending.

Acer may have eaten Asus’ lunch but Asus still had a top gong to its credit as Forbes Asia named the Asus Eee PC netbook, the product of the year. Acer had another trick up its sleeves though: it was announced that the Acer Aspire One would be selling at Walmart. If you’re aware of Walmart’s mammoth distribution channel, you know how big of a coup this is.

Some pundits bet that Linux would take over the whole world but the marketplace decided that after all, it was more comfortable with Windows powered netbooks. See also: Will Netbooks Destroy Microsoft in 2009?

And so, those were the highlights of the past week (14th-21st December 2008). Thanks for reading us, your number one netbook blog!

Happy holidays!

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