Netbook Demand Drops. Is This The Demise Of the Netbook Era?

by Jay Bika on December 3, 2008 · 0 comments

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Apparently the demand for netbooks is down because in November, fewer units were sold compared to October. Is that reason enough to panic and say that indeed netbooks are a fad? Nope. It means nothing. All computer sales and as a matter of fact anything that’s selling today is facing lower demand. We are in a recession, remember? In a recession, demand generally drops.

Now if laptop and desktop sales were going through the roof and the netbook curve was south bound then I would jump of the Netbook Era ship.

So, no reason to panic, netbook sales are down but not out. I would even bet that in the whole computer sector, netbooks are actually the best selling category!

Source: Intel Estimates Coming Down As Notebook Demand Sags

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