Michael Arrington on Why Netbooks Just Aren’t Good Enough

by Jay Bika on November 29, 2008 · 1 comment

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Techcrunch editor Michael Arrington writes: “I’ve had a chance to test many of the units, though, and I can say that the promise is much bigger than the payoff. ” Read more: Three Reasons Why Netbooks Just Aren’t Good Enough

He basically does not like the little horsepower, the small screen and the uncomfortable keyboards. Like I wrote before (Intel Thinking Of Bailing Out of Netbooks), netbook owners should be surveyed and asked how they use their ultra portable notebooks. I seriously doubt that they mind the compromise that comes with the price or size.

In other words, those who got a netbook for its very low price are not dumb and knew that there would be sacrifices to make in the computing experience. Those who bought it for its portability (size, weight and battery life) probably have a notebook or desktop at home and use a netbook as a laptop replacement.

Mr Arrington puts it well by writing: “The problem with Netbooks is they are trying to address two markets at once: emerging markets where price is very important, and developed markets where people want a second computer.

The emerging markets don’t care about size, they just want it at a low cost - so offer them something that’s bigger and works better at the same price (remember, bigger = cheaper for most computer parts except the screen). Developed markets don’t care about price as much as performance, and Netbooks cut too many corners.

Perhaps that’s why Netbook screens are starting to inch up to 10 and 11 inches. Which doesn’t really make them much different from normal laptops (and the prices are about the same).

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