Introducing The Dot, The First Ever Packard Bell Netbook

by Jay Bika on November 20, 2008 · 0 comments

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Packard Bell last night pulled the curtains back on its entry into the netbook market at an event in Central London.

The dot is an 8.9-inch netbook which Packard Bell says is the first that’s apparently specially designed for mainstream consumers. That’s a pretty bold claim to make, but Packard Bell is late to the netbook party currently controlled by Asus with its hugely successful Eee PC line” - Packard Bell enters netbook market

The more players enter the netbook market, the merrier especially for the shopper who now has more brands and models to choose from. It’s also a sign that netbooks are no fad. These companies want a piece of the pie because they know how well the mini-notebooks are selling.

In the news report, it’s also said that the Packard Bell netbook only comes with a Windows operating system leaving Linux out in the cold. It’s not a bad idea as Linux has proved to be a pain with customers not familiar with it. I wonder if they considered Ubuntu Remix though?

Anyway, let’s see if Packard Bell can make a comeback as a serious computer contender in this race to netbook supremacy.

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