Introducing Jolicloud, Another Cloud Operating System Contender

by Jay Bika on December 9, 2008 · 8 comments

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Techcrunch highlights a new operating system specifically made for netbooks. It’s from Netvibes‘ founder Tariq Krim who knows more than a thing or two about creating useful and clean software. (Netvibes Founder Building iPhone-Like Operating System For Netbooks)

The race for the de facto standard operating system is on and all developers with interesting ideas should get into it. I can say that none of the big boys such as Microsoft, Google even Ubuntu will win it because they will try to customize their already existing offering to netbooks while smaller hence more flexible will totally create something new from scratch that takes into consideration the mini laptops’ features.

Jolicloud (Mr Krim’s latest venture) and Good OS are the two cloud operating systems that are garnering attention but in the next months, we can all expect to see new players and in about two years, one will dominate à la Google becoming king and making most of the money.

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