How to Find the Best and Cheapest Netbook Deals

by Jay Bika on November 30, 2008 · 7 comments

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Netbooks are cheaper than laptops. That’s why most of us like them so much. But just because they’re so low priced, does it mean that you cannot buy the best netbook for you at an even cheaper price? You can, of course! I will tell you how.

There are many ways to buy a really good but cheap netbook computer. When I say cheap, please don’t think that you will also be getting a low quality ultra portable notebook. Nope, you will be getting the real deal!

Battle of the brands

The first way to get a netbook for really cheap is to stay clear from the big brands such as Dell, HP, Apple and Toshiba to name a few. I once wrote that basically all netbooks are the same (How to Pick and Shop for The Best Netbook) it’s just the badge that is different meaning that a manufacturer can charge higher or lower to stay in line with the image of his brand. For instance an Apple will be more expensive than a Dell. Of course, this example is extreme because Apple really insists on design and experience.

But in other cases, you will find that an Asus is generally cheaper than a Dell or Toshiba. Don’t be fooled into believing that just because a netbook brand such as Toshiba or Samsung are globally recognized names, that they’re better than the obscure MSI Wind or Sotec.

If you have no brand loyalty, go with the cheapest brand on the block assuming that the specifications and features of the netbook in question meet your needs.

Spot the deals aka the netbook sales

A second way to get the best netbook possible for really cheap is to watch out for a good deal. The only catch is that it requires time, effort and patience.

You will have to spend hours searching for retailers, deals and conditions. The payoff is that you will pay less of course. You can use websites that track down the latest deals or sales from various retailers or you can go to all the netbook manufacturers and check out the closeout page for the deals. If you want to shop offline, you simply need to keep an eye on the circulars or better yet pay a visit to all the leading retailers and see what they’re clearing out.

Don’t forget the back to school specials or the mothers of all sales: Black Friday and Boxing Day!

It’s work but like I said, you can save some serious money and still land with the best netbook while those who never bothered will pay full price.

New releases

Every computer has a beginning and an end. That means that something faster and more powerful will eventually replace each model. That does not mean that the current netbook is now obsolete. It just means that there’s something new.

The best time to buy a new netbook for really cheap is when the store is trying to make room for new stock by almost giving away the current inventory. It’s like how smart shoppers deal with fashion. The best time to buy that expensive jacket is when the season is ending and the store is selling it for really cheap to make room for spring clothing.

That’s it for now, you have more than enough ammunition to get you on your way. You will find the best netbook using all the tips shared above. If you still want another powerful way to buy a really cheap netbook, see: Why Refurbished Netbooks Are the Best Cheapest Deals Ever. Do you have any other tips of scoring good netbook deals? Please share them with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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this is a good article, I actually wrote a similiar one where I compiled the top 10 cheapest netbooks, number 1 is only $78!

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