How to Buy an Acer Aspire for only $100. But there’s a “But!”

by Jay Bika on December 8, 2008 · 5 comments

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Here’s a way to only spend $100 on a 3G Acer Aspire One netbook: commit to a $60 or higher two-year AT&T mobile Internet plan. Yes, this is just like the way it’s done in the mobile phone business. This imminent holiday deal was picked up from a leaked Radio Shack ad. (See: Ad leak shows subsidized 3G Acer Aspire One for $100)

Is this a good or a bad deal btw? It depends really. If you plan on using and owning the netbook for more than two years then it makes sense. If you replace your netbook each six month, you may have a little situation in your hands.

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