by Jay Bika

Welcome to Netbook Era, the simple yet thorough guide to netbooks. It’s written with the non geek, jargon hating and almost tech challenged computer shopper who’s looking at these new breeds of laptops and is wondering which is the best brand and model to buy.

Bulky, flashy and pricey battery draining laptops are on their way out. The Netbook era is upon us. Now, portable computers can be feather like light, easy on the eye and with long lasting batteries can now be bought for way less.

With new models being released at dizzying speed, here at Netbook Era, we decided to put together a simple guide that helps the prospective buyer sift through the often confusing information overload.

You will find here an introductory brief on netbooks, some definitions, the major brands and their different models, what to look for and most importantly a shopping and buyer’s guide with tips and links on where to find the best deals. Although netbooks are cheaper than traditional laptops, there still are a few secrets to buying the best notebook for less. On Netbook Era, we spill all the secrets to you at no cost! Like everything in life, there are some caveats with netbooks. We will spill the beans on all of them so that you’re truly well informed prospective ultra portable computer owner.

Enough jibberjabber. Let’s get started! If you do not see any links below, don’t fret. they will be up soon. We’re just doing some last factual checks as well as typo corrections. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.

We look forward to hearing stories on how you no longer worry about battery life or your back pains that came as a result of hauling your “bricktop” around :)

Thanks for visit and enjoy Netbook Era!

What is a Netbook?

What is a netbook? How is it different to a laptop or subnotebook? Discover what netbooks are all about in jargon-free and plain English.

Netbooks: Facts & Stats on these Mini Laptops

A few numbers and facts about netbooks to really show how the netbook era has arrived in full force and is showing no signs of slowing down or fading out.

7 Good Reasons to Buy a Netbook over a Laptop Computer

Just in case, you need to justify it to yourself or your better half, here are more than a few reasons why you’re better off choosing a netbook notebook over a laptop 

The Case Against Buying Netbooks

Sure netbooks are exciting and are bringing us into a new era of mobile computing but they’re not all that for the whole planet. Read why you may want to avoid buying a netbook notebook like the plague.

How to Pick and Shop for The Best Netbook

What is the first and the most important question that you ought to ask yourself in order to spot and pick the best netbook? Get the answer wrong and you may be headed for a catastrophe.

What is the Best Netbook Brand? Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP, MSI, Samsung?

How to tell which brands of netbooks are the best and which ones you absolutely don’t want to mess with.

The Best Netbook Buying Guides You Will Ever Read

A compilation of the best netbook buying guides out there. You can never read enough as each guide has information that you may have not come across before but that’s so useful if you really are serious about finding the best netbooks on the market.

Are Netbooks a Fad?

If you’re curious about the netbook mini-laptop phenomenon and are even considering purchasing one but are wondering if you should because in a few months netbooks may be gone, read on.

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