Coby Netbooks Available After All But Not At $99

by Jay Bika on January 9, 2009 · 1 comment

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Coby Netbooks Available After All But Not At $99

Last month, the computer blogosphere went crazy with the piece of news that Coby was releasing netbooks that would be priced under $100. $99 was the exact amount if you really want to be precise. Less than a few hours later, the bubble burst as Coby Electronics told us that it was a bunch of hogwash and that there was nothing to fuss about.

At CES 2009, it turns out that Coby netbooks have been spotted. Maybe the publicity craze motivated the manufacturer to get onto the netbook ball? These mini notebooks are not $99 though. They are said to be under $200 which probably means $199.99. Those who have played around with them say that they feel rather cheap.

See: Coby’s sub-$200 netbooks handled at CES via Gotta Be Mobile

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