An Archos Netbook Naturally

by Jay Bika on January 14, 2009 · 1 comment

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At first Asus made netbooks. Then pretty much every single computer manufacturer (except Apple. Yes, I will keep on bringing this up until I see a MacBook Mini :) ). And lately, every single consumer electronics manufacturer seems to be on the netbook wagon. Who knows if car companies won’t get on it too as a tactic to save their collapsing industry? 

Anyway, this smartass rant was to announce that Archos, the portable media player has launched, you guessed it… a netbook! Just like the many netbook providers though, they simply slapped their badge on an existing device and are hoping that their brand recognition will help in selling the mini laptop.

You can read all about it by reading: Expanding into Computers with Archos 10 Netbook

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