Acer vs Asus. And the Most Popular Netbook Is…

by Jay Bika on December 8, 2008 · 8 comments

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Acer and Asus are fighting it out to see who will sell the most netbooks. This time, Q3 2008, Acer wins the battle with one model (the Aspire One) while Asus had two (1.70m Eee PCs and 2.15m AA1s). The battle is still in its early stage and has many contenders vying for the top slot so expect the next update to be slightly different.

For now, Acer has a powerful marketing weapon as the company can go out there yelling: “We’re the most popular netbook on the market”, a bragging right that consumers seem to seriously consider during the shopping process. 

See how everyone else such as Dell and HP fared: Acer beats arch-rival Asus in Q3 netbook match

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