A Simple Guide to How Netbook Batteries Work

by Jay Bika on November 20, 2008 · 0 comments

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At Notebook Era, I try my best to keep the talk a 100% jargon free. But when it comes to batteries, I had no idea how to approach the topic without getting technical and confusing you and I in the process. 

Thank goodness for Dustin Sklavos at Tablet PC Review. He went all out and wrote a whole guide to how batteries work and exactly how to tell what is what from the different options out there.

Yes, his website is about Tablet PCs but the guide is also very relevant to netbooks. He will tell you:

- Which netbook batteries last forever and which ones dry up within minutes
- How a laptop battery works
- The connection between cells and power hours and what they actually mean
- All about battery life
- How to really shop for netbook battery life
- How long batteries of netbooks can be expected to last
- Which netbook brands have the longest lasting batteries

And that’s just a sample! Check it out for yourself: How It Works: Batteries. Thanks Dustin!

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