5 Reasons Why Netbooks Make The Best Holiday (Christmas) Gifts

by Jay Bika on December 1, 2008 · 0 comments

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If you are short on holiday gift ideas, here’s one that you will find useful. I can hear you saying to yourself: “Of course that a website that deals with netbooks is going to recommend a mini-laptop as the best gift idea.” You have a point but here are a few reasons why you should seriously offering those you love a netbook this Christmas.

1) Netbooks are cheap

You can but netbooks from $200 dollars if you really pay attention. Netbooks are cheaper versions of laptops because they are smaller, do not require expensive processors to boost performance and they run on an earlier operating system. In plain English, this means that they are designed to do the job without going all out and using all the bells and whistles that mankind has ever created.

2) Netbooks have a high-perceived value

You cannot even begin to imagine the joy of the person to whom you will offer the netbook. “You got me a computer! You’re the best!”.  Computers may have come down in prices after these many years but they still have a perceived value because of what they are able to do. If you really want to win favors from a particular person, offer her or him a netbook and watch them hold you in higher esteem!


Netbooks make better gifts than boxes of candles for instance*

 3) Netbooks are practical

How many holiday presents have you received that are still sitting where you dropped them off after receiving them last holiday season? Exactly… netbooks are practical gifts. People actually will use them and be productive. If the person accomplishes much with it, he or she will credit you for helping in their achievement. Buying a netbook for a precious person this holiday is a sure bet because you know that they’re going to like it and put it to good use right away. (See: 7 Good Reasons to Buy a Netbook over a Laptop Computer)

4) Netbooks are universal pleasers

I could not find the right word to describe what I mean. But to get to my point: everyone knows of somebody for whom it’s difficult to buy a present for. Alternatively, sometimes you don’t know what the person wants or needs. Everyone will benefit from owning a netbook. If they commute to work or school, they will be in heaven. If they have to fight with siblings to use the communal computer, they will be in heaven. If they’re sick and tired of hauling around their heavy laptop, they will be in heaven. And so on. You can buy a netbook for someone who traditionally is hard to please.

5) Netbooks are REALLY cheap

I am no repeating myself. Not only are netbooks naturally cheap (compared to laptops), you can still track them down for way cheaper if you shop around. I wrote about this in two articles that you should get your eyes on right away (How to Find the Best and Cheapest Netbook Deals and Why Refurbished Netbooks Are the Best Cheapest Deals Ever ). You can get really good deals on netbooks and laugh at those who paid the MSRP!

Are you sold on to why netbooks make the best holiday gifts? I sure do hope so. I admit that you can buy one or two before the expenses start accumulating but those who will receive them will love you and suck up to you forever. If you act on this idea and actually do offer a netbook to your loved one, please share their excitement with all of us! 

To get your holiday mini-laptop shopping started, head over to: How to Buy a Netbook

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