Fathers, it turns out, want a netbook for Father’s Day. Of course, the mini-laptops are not on top of their list as more cool possessions such as automobiles and yachts top their wish list.

That’s according to an opinion poll conducted by retail giant Buy.com who surveyed 1000 US adults to get answers.

At NetbookEra.com, we will of course agree given that we cover netbooks but if you really think about it, the fact that netbooks are so cheap yet so convenient make them the perfect gifts for dads everywhere.

Stuck for ideas on what to get for the fathers in your life? The netbook selection is quasi-endeless. First stop: Amazon


It turns out that the Toshiba NB505-N508BL is the most coveted netbook on Amazon.com. So what perfect gift for dad this coming Father's Day than the toy in question?

Source: New Survey Shows More Than a Third of Americans Think Father’s Day Gets the Short End of the Stick


Jolicloud, the netbook operating system maker has just announced Jolibook an in-house netbook. Jolibook will run Jolicloud OS of course and will have Chrome, Facebook, Skype and other apps installed when shipped.

I have no idea when it will be released and the price but what is interesting is that a software maker has just ventured into the hardware space thus making the classic step of competing with one’s clients. After all, what netbook manufacturer is now going to willingly offer Jolicloud (not that anyone was to begin with but you see the point).

More on the Jolibook netbook when I hear more.


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Jolicloud Netbook Operating System Now Available

August 5, 2010

“After a year and a half of development and beta-testing, Jolicloud 1.0 has been released for free download at jolicloud.com and supported by a fervent community on social networks” Jen, Jolicloud’s PR person

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Recently though, there have been rumors of an 11″ version of the Apple MacBook Air. The problem with the 13″ version is that while ultra light, ultra portable and ultra cool it is also ultra big and uber expensive at $1500.

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If you remember, in previous posts I asked about the usefulness of netbook bags but I am more in favor of netbook cases because they accomplish two tasks beautifully: protect your baby and make it look hot!

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A reader emailed me asking what powerful netbook I recommend. I kind of found such a question strange because in my opinion, the combination of powerful and netbook seems to create an oxymoron.

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Smartbooks are coming. You better be ready for this new revolution. But, the ultimate victim will not be the netbook. Find out who’s going to have to do something to survive the onslaught.

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Is Google about to take on Microsoft head on? Yup? Will it come out of the battle, the winner? That’s a little bit trickier to answer. See why.

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At last a netbook just for children. Meet Disney+Asus’ Netpal. It’s actually pretty good enough for grown ups too!

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No Apple netbooks were announced at WWDC 2009 to the chagrin of some and to the “Aha, I told you that they would not release a netbook!” of others. While the price on MacBook Air notebooks has dropped, they’re still aren’t classified as netbooks. However! It’s interesting to note that all aluminum Apple laptops are [...]

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